Hello blog world. Welcome.

Having to post for the first time is a daunting task; it is most difficult to separate the German flowing from the television from my own English thoughts. I thought I would outline a very general list of what I want to focus this blog on.

I want this blog to be about many things. I would like to complain a little about bureaucracy, about becoming a citizen of another country, and about the difficulties of finding a practical job when one is confined by the impractical, intellectual mind of an academic.

I would like to write about food. I love food. I am wildly passionate about it. Of course, my passion is confined to gluten-free, vegetarian fare – but that hardly slows me down.

I would like to write about science so that everyone can understand it, because I think the majority of scientific research is not necessarily esoteric.

I would like to share what I learn about yoga. How a tiny change in the angle of your hips in Triangle Pose can change the entire nature of your practice. I learn something new in every practice, but yoga also teaches me to rethink my life experiences as well.

The measure of health is not confined to simply how you eat or how you exercise. Optimal healthiness is found by challenging both your mind and your body. We will never know everything, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.


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